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May 6, 2019

I wanted to thank you and share what an amazing experience I had with the birth of our son Taylor. 

Despite some initial complications, as below you may recall I had a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia). So it went like this:

Like my birth with Elissa,  I had low amniotic fluid, so at 41 +1 I was induced with a pessary. Prior to this I had received steroid injections to manage my platelet count. 

I had the pessary at 3:30pm and started mild contractions a few hours later. I also had strep B so had to have antibiotics administered and required continued monitoring because Taylor’s heart beat was dropping with each contraction.

I was also informed that it would be likely I would need an emergency C-Section. However they put me on an IV for a short time and his heart beat settled.  (Taylor may have been trapped by the cord because of low fluids so the IV helped this). However I had to remain on the monitor throughout to be sure.

This was a low point for me, I had planned to use the poo...

February 16, 2019

Hi Jasmin, hope you’re well. 

It’s Mark, Sonia’s husband and now Mila’s daddy!

I just wanted to drop you a message to to give you a little insight into how our birth went on the 26th.

As someone who was dubious regarding the whole Hypno concept when told about it by my (hippy) wife, I honestly cannot believe how much your class changed my perception on the birth process and what a positive impact it has had on our daughter.

We really bought into the principles before the labor, however I must admit that I was expecting the possibility that Sonia could be slightly overcome with the actual event and have to consider some form of help by way of pain relief. I could not have been more wrong! 

Sonia had spent lots of time on our birth plan which I had presented to the staff on arrival at Parkview and we were fortunate to be the very 1st water birth in their new pool.

The staff were all incredible, I cannot recommend them and the facility highly enough, they were all so accommodating to the bi...

August 13, 2017

July 21st 2017 our dreams finally came true when we welcomed our tiny miracle baby girl into the world, Phoenix Willow Moss Walls, born at 12:25pm, weighing 6lbs3 in Saudi German Hospital.

It was quite a journey, and not one for the faint hearted, but when I looked into her eyes as they laid her on my chest, everything I had gone through to get to this point was worth it.

Falling pregnant was not easy for us, and after trying for almost two years with an ectopic pregnancy and two surgeries to remove my fallopian tube and a polyp; we finally fell pregnant in November 2016.

Having been through so much to get to this point I wanted to ensure that my pregnancy and birth was a beautiful, relaxed and memorable experience. I had heard of hypnobirthing, although I admit I didn’t know too much about it until I discovered Jasmine Collin's classes here in Dubai and signed up to learn more about having a positive, natural birth experience.

The classes were great for preparing us for what to expect...

May 4, 2017

Dear Charley,

Your dad and I had been preparing for your birth with excitement from the moment we knew you existed. I attended prenatal yoga classes and your dad spent hours talking and reading to you when you were in my tummy.

One of the best things we did, however, was participate in Hypnobirthing classes. We wanted you to enter the world in a calm and gentle way and Hypnobirthing sounded like the perfect thing for our family.

Your dad and I attended classes every weekend where we learned how to relax and trust nature.

Every day we listened to positive affirmations and prepared for your birth by remaining calm and confident that you would know what to do when you decided to join us on your birth day.

As your estimated due date drew closer we tried to keep ourselves busy and patiently awaited your arrival. On my first day of maternity leave, which also happened to be your estimated due date, I slept in and then moved to the couch to watch a movie and relax.

I started feeling tightness...

April 23, 2017

My VBA2C Story - Yes it is possible!!!!

I had my first vaginal delivery, to my third son, on April 6th, 2017. After having 2 unnecessary C-sections back in my hometown, this time I was in Dubai as an expat; having even more fear and anxiety. Thinking that it’s most probably my last pregnancy, I was really willing to have an experience of natural delivery this time.

On my way to VBA2C I made lots of research and read lots of positive and negative experiences from others through internet. Having lots of back and forths in my mind;

I found myself extremely frightened due to my previous 2 C-sections.

But on the other hand I was pretty sure that I did not want the third surgery and I really wanted to experience the vaginal delivery.

During my research, I came across Hypnobirthing and I thought that it can be an option for me to release my fears, to relax, to learn more about birthing and to increase the success chance of my VBA2C.

Me and my husband, attended Jasmine Collin's Hypnobirthing clas...

April 16, 2017

Dear Jasmine, our baby boy Hani is finally here, he was born on April 5th at 38 weeks by a planned c-section.

As soon as we found out that the much hoped for water birth was not going to be possible due to placenta previa, I had time to mourn this and do the necessary preparation to be informed about my options for a rewarding cesarean section experience.

Thank you for all your support in the process, the references you shared were invaluable.

We wrote our birth preferences for a smooth, slow, family centred cesarean section.
Luckily our Dr was very curious about this and she was very open to trying so thanks to her every point in our Birth Preferences was honoured.

She even said that to her knowledge this natural C-section is a first in Dubai.

She only delivered the head, and our baby pushed himself out of the womb, I did perform the J breathing even though I was not feeling it. We did a trial breathing with our Dr before she made the incision and we agreed that I would breath upon her...

March 13, 2017

Admittedly, we left it pretty late in signing up for our Hypnobirthing classes. Considering the last class was scheduled for the day after our due date, we knew we might not see the course all the way through to the end and, as it happened, our baby came early. 

We made it to the penultimate class, which worked out nicely as that was all about birthing positions, which was extremely good timing when we went into labour the very next day.

At this point you might think that, considering we didn’t complete the course, we might be stressing out a little as we went into labour, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Having intensely practiced our affirmations, rainbow relaxations, breathing exercises and so on, we knew what to expect and we took it all in our stride and stayed calm throughout, which was a happy coincidence as we were in a baby calming class when we started having surges, only we didn’t realise that was what they were at the time!

Upon arriving home after the baby class,...

January 26, 2017

I was hoping that this time everything would start with surges, but my water broke in the middle of the night a couple of days before 38 weeks. They were a bit too pink, so I decided to go to the hospital,  just to have a check up. Everything was good, and we came back home to wait one whole day for contractions,  otherwise we agreed to stimulate 24 hours later. 

I was sure that my surges would start within 24 hours after the waters had released  but it didn't. :-(

I felt desperate. I was thinking and thinking,  my doula reminded me that 90% of labour starts in 48 hours. The decision was made: I decided to wait one more day.  I felt relieved and decided to stimulate it naturally, but before that I planned to get some proper sleep :)

So my stimulation program was: bare foot walking, squatting,  contrast shower, breastfeeding my older son as much as possible and, of course, hypnobirthing audios and visualization (especially The Birth Release).

After a nap I n...

October 5, 2016

On the night of 19th August I woke with pains in my tummy. Thinking I had a tummy ache I got up and went down stairs for water. I bounced on my ball and started to feel surges in my lower back. These surges were 10 mins apart but they only lasted for around an hour. So off I went back to bed.

On Saturday 20th I woke to a small trickle running down my leg and knew something was definitely happening.

Excitedly we decided to go for a Japanese curry with some sushi all the while I was there the staff were convinced I was going to go into labor and so kept fussing over me. For the past week I had been eating endless amounts of egg plant, pineapple, dates and raspberry leaf tea. We had our lunch and waddled around Mirdif City Centre after.

Around 8pm the surges started up again but were far apart between 20 min to half an hour. We watched a few stupid movies until I told my husband to start applying counter pressure on my knees and lower back as Jasmine had taught us. Things progressed but th...

September 21, 2016

Today is my 'due date' so it seemed like a good day to finally sit down and introduce our little on to you!! He is now a whopping 10 days old and has already gained 400g of breast milk fuelled gorgeousness!

Rafferton 'Raef' Joseph Ford arrived on Sunday 4th September at 7:44am, weighing 3.57kg and 53cm long, 14 hours after my waters broke.

So... an hour after coaching a full CrossFit kids class, which, in hindsight I was very dazed in,

"I was sat catching up on admin when I felt a 'dollop' in my leggings... after a quick trip to the bathroom and checking in with a young mum and friend, I calmly told Ben that I think my waters were breaking." 

So we packed up and headed home... after sorting out coaching cover for the coming days!! We were not AT ALL ready for the little guy to arrive early! and were in fact banking on him arriving after our due date! 

On the way home - which was very surreal, and involved yet more dog sitting, car seat fitting and other logistical planning... my waters went...

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Taylor's Birth - A calm & positive tale of thrombocytopenia, induction, low fluid and more...

May 6, 2019

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