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Read through these testimonials to see how hypnobirthing and my classes have helped parents.  

You can also view video testimonials

"But any knowledge is good knowledge so I encouraged us to go along. I was so glad we attended the classes as they prepared us for what was to come by giving me the tools to be part of a team during the birth and allowed me to be a focus for my wife to rely on. Knowing what was to come through the different stages of labour I used my birthing prompts as well as massage and pressure points to help through the birthing process. It felt good to be so involved in the birth of our son while the medical staff looked on as we practiced the techniques we had learned. After the birth even our excellent doctor commented on the teamwork she saw. Overall, as a Dad I would highly recommend the Hypnobirthing courses, its an education and prepares you for a great birthing experience."


Dad to Jack


"She believe she could, so she did"

"I found your delivery of the material to be excellent; I felt I was able to learn so much from you and at the same time from the other ladies. Your knowledge base is so broad it was fantastic to be able to ask you anything and everything and you are so approachable about it all, we felt very at ease with asking questions.  I loved the training my husband was able to receive and that we are now on the same page and he feels like he can have a really important role in the experience which is lovely for him and great for us as a couple. He understands SO MUCH more now, and we both feel a lot more confident and are really looking forward to becoming parents! So your course was fab especially for your lovely calming voice that is just perfect for self-hypnosis!”


Mum to Tommy

"The hypnobirthing class gave us this confidence, helped us a lot to make the right decisions for us on the way and made it possible to have a peaceful birth with no regrets afterwards. "


Dad to Jack

"Hypnobirthing definitely helped me so very much to get through this and to be left with such a spiritual and positive experience!


I feel so much stronger after having done this and this is how all births should be and I wish all women could have the privilege of experiencing the same thing.”


Mum to Adam & Alexander


"I can't thank you enough"

"I just wanted to say thank you for the important role you and your sessions played in the outcome of Bia's birth. 

It was all that we had hoped for. Natural, with no pain killers at all, no tears or episiotomy, no drama or screaming and a happy baby in the end, awake, alert and on my tummy and chest for 3 hours! Markos was a very important part and he was definitely more prepared and in control. He even saw the whole thing without passing out!!  Thanks to your great sessions, so informative and inspiring"


Mum to Bia


​"I could do it all over again right now"

"I will forever remember it as a really special and loving time.
The midwife that joined us said she did not believe in Hypnobirthing up until our birth!
I feel so overjoyed that we got to experience her birth the way that we did. Thank you for all of your support and guidance during our course together.
We are one happy little family!"


Mum to Harriet

"I was mentally able to accept the path my birthing took even though it wasn't what I originally had hoped for"


"Even though I had a C-section I still used the Hypnobirthing techniques to get me through the surges. Nitz was amazing with both the doctors/staff and at relaxing me throughout.


The biggest way Hypnobirthing helped was that I mentally was able to accept the path my birthing took even though it wasn't what I originally had hoped for. The good news is that there is absolutely no reason why I can't deliver naturally another time!! I'm also recovering really well from the op - and you would barely know I had an op - once again a positive mindset! Thank you Jasmine for the great tools!"


Mum to Imogen

"I wanted to say thank you for your classes and support - I cant tell you how much confidence they gave me in my ability to birth her with no pain relief and how much it helped Adam understand what he could do to help during my labour and he really was great"


Mum to Annabella


"I can't tell you how much confidence they gave me"

"You gave me so much confidence and belief in myself"

“Thank you so much for your support Jasmine. The HypnoBirthing really helped me throughout my pregnancy and labour, and you gave me so much confidence and belief in myself.

It made Kaila's birth such a positive experience for Steve and I. It was really interesting as one of the emirate midwives who was with me throughout the birth came up to the ward later that day to thank me for allowing her to see what an amazing experience birth could be. She said that she has never seen a birth like that before. All her experience had been women lying in bed with epidurals or other meds. She said that it has really changed her understanding of birth forever.”


Mum to Kalia


"This course was nothing short of Perfect!"

"It made it easier even when having blood tests!
I loved every aspect of it and so did my husband Fabiano. Every session helped re-instill that feeling of calm of confidence especially after people try to scare you with their birth stories.
The practical sessions were very useful and fun. They kept Fabiano engaged and he liked those the best…They also equipped him with knowledge and made him feel empowered rather than a bystander.
I learnt more about birthing, labour, breastfeeding, child care at your class than the antenatal session at the hospital.
I loved that you constantly provided us with reading material and support outside of class as well including references to doctors, breastfeeding classes etc.
Overall we are really happy that we went through hypnobirthing with you and no matter what turn our birthing takes, we’re looking forward to this with more confidence, calmness and excitement!"

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