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“ As parents we either unconsciously parent exactly as we were parented or we consciously try to do the exact opposite. Either way our parenting is trapped by how we were parented”

Palm Leo

How can you be a more calm, confident & conscious parent?


As a BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm teacher I was honored to have helped many parents come to understand their children better and to develop strategies and skills so they can parent more gently and effectively.

But good intentions, strategies and skills are often not enough and most parents still struggle to keep their cool during the most challenging parenting moments. When we loose our cool, we actually loose our ability to think rationally and can often end up saying or doing things we regret later.


Our parenting instincts often come from how we were parented and when we are ‘triggered’ by our children, we can find ourselves loosing control and falling back on the style of parenting that we received.

Not only do we get triggered by our past but we also inadvertently overcompensate for what we 'suffered' in our own childhoods, which can then create a pendulum affect and create completely different problems of their own.

The goal of conscious parenting is to become more aware of what you are bringing from your own past into your relationship with your child and to heal it for yourself and generations to come.


When we do our inner work, heal our childhood wounds and learn new ways to regulate our selves, quite often our child’s difficult behaviour magically gets better all on its own. Such is the powerful energetic connection between parent and child. Our nervous systems are connected and we are emotionally entangled with them whether we are aware of it or not.


So, when we are truly calm from deep down within and not just pretending to be calm by pushing all those negative feelings down, they can feel it too and  will also calm down…this is called co regulation. In this space we can deeply connect with our child and choose our response from a place of neutrality and love, instead of stress and fear.


One very positive way to look at these triggers is that your child is showing you exactly where you need to re-parent yourself and we can actually use these difficult situations as a bridge to uncover the underlying cause of your pain and suffering and clear it out of your system. This not only helps you positively respond to your child instead of negatively reacting, but you also get to evolve and expand into your true and highest version of yourself.


In this way our children become our greatest teachers and the most difficult situations can actually be our greatest gifts.

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This is the foundation of my 'Empowered Parent Programme'.


To learn more click on the link below or book in a FREE 1-1  call to get clear on your parenting goals and to see if this programme is a good fit for you and the very answer you need ri

Thank you Jasmine

"You have helped me to find a way to deal with daily stress and taught me to be myself. You showed so much compassion and support. I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with our sessions and all the techniques you have taught me.


They have helped a lot to reduce my stress level to minimum and now I can respond calmly to different situations especially with my children. They have all noticed that I am calmer and not shouting so much.


We are so much happier as a family!"



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