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You’ve watched the panic stricken births in the movies and heard the horror stories from your friends and family but you’ve also heard some positive stories in amongst the negativity and you’re wondering, could this be possible for you. . 


Is there really a way that you can prepare for birth that stacks the odds in your favour of having a natural birth but ALSO ensures you have a positive experience no matter what kind of birth you have? 

Well...the answer is YES...and I have good news for you – you’ve just found it! 

My Hypnobirthing classes have been helping couples to have more positive and empowering births since 2008 and over the years I’ve developed my own unique blend of skills and knowledge to bring you my signature Love Birthing Course. 

What is Hypnobirthing?

What parents say

"“This course was nothing short of PERFECT! It made it easier even when having blood tests!”



How can hypnobirthing help?

This course is SO much more than your typical, off the peg Hypnobirthing Course and it’s brought to you with all my love and expertise in this field.

This course is SO much more than your typical, off the peg Hypnobirthing Course and it’s brought to you with all my love and expertise in this field.

It’s an award winning and life changing program that blends my training skills, the latest evidence based research and positive psychology & neuroscience with traditional, instinctive and trusted ways of birthing so that you can harness the power of your own mind and tap into the ancient wisdom of your body’s natural abilities to birth your baby with power and grace.

Everything I’ve learned about the power of the mind, pregnancy and childbirth is packed within this program. I’ve hand picked the most powerful mindset tools from my NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Hypnotherapy, Tapping, Mindfullness and Theta Healing training and weaved them together with my Doula skills & birth experiences to create a unique, empowering and transformational course that is GUARANTEED to leave you feeling calmer, more confident and excited to give birth.

So, if you want to stack the odds in your favour of having a natural physiological birth without unnecessary drugs and interventions AND have all the tools and confidence you need to navigate any situation and to remain centered, calm and in control no matter what path your birthing takes then this is the course for you! 

Are you ready to get started?

Would you like to hear it from some parents that have already transformed their birth experiences? 

What are the benefits?

Relaxed and positive pregnancy
Shorter & calmer birth
Less need for uneccessary interventions & drugs
More satisfying experience & quicker recovery
Emotionally confident & empowered mothers
Involved & confident fathers
Enhanced Pre-Birth bonding
Less traumatic birth for baby
Baby has higher levels of alertness & better ability to nurse
Baby is more relaxed and less likely to suffer with colic, reflux & sleep issues

Birth Stories

Read about real birth stories & discover how hypnobirthing can help



Watch real births to experience how hypnobirthing helped other mums.



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