— Ramona, Abu Dhabi

“This course was nothing short of PERFECT! It made it easier even when having blood tests!”

How can Hypnobirthing help?

Women’s bodies are perfectly designed to conceive, grow and give birth naturally. They instinctively know exactly what to do to birth a baby and nature has given us everything we need to do this calmly and without suffering.


Hypnosis is a very natural and relaxed state that we all have access to and when we are deeply in hypnosis pain can be dramatically reduced and in some cases completely eliminated.


Nature has also given us our own internal pharmacy of pain relieving drugs, such as endorphins, which reduce pain and keep us in a relaxed, tranquil state of mind which then allows the body to open up and release our babies into the world.

Hypnobirthing mums learn how to access these natural gifts by using birthing techniques such as deep relaxation, breathing, mindfulness, visualisation, affirmations, tapping, and other mind-body techniques.


They practice them daily so that on the day of their birthing they automatically go deep within and connect with their birthing bodies, allowing birth to unfold in all its natural beauty.


What is Hypnobirthing?

My Hypnobirthing classes have been helping couples to have more positive and empowering births and to welcome their babies into the world in a more peaceful way since 2008.


Over the years I have developed my own unique blend of skills and knowledge, from teaching classes to 100's of couples, attending births as a doula, studying as a hypnotherapist and having two natural, drug and intervention free births of my own.


Recently I have renamed these classes Love Birthing where I bring you the very latest techniques in neuroscience and positive psychology and blend them with older, trusted ways of birthing so that you can harness the power of your own mind and tap into the ancient wisdom of all those mothers and midwives who have gone before you.


My classes are fun, interactive and they are guaranteed to make your pregnancy and birthing journey a more fulfilling, empowering experience and to help you Love Birthing!

What are the benefits?

Relaxed and positive pregnancy

Shorter and calmer birth


Less need for unnecessary interventions and drugs


More satisfying experience and quicker recovery


Emotionally confident and empowered mothers 


Involved and confident fathers


Enhanced pre birth bonding


Less traumatic birth for baby


Baby has  higher levels of alertness and better ability to nurse


Baby is more relaxed and and less likely to suffer with colic, reflux and sleep issues

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Hypnobirthing Specialist

Childbirth Educator

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