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Why there is no such thing as a Hypnobirth.

One of the two biggest misconceptions about Hypnobirthing is that it’s only for natural birthing hippies who want to have a home.....

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10 Questions To Help You Choose the Right Dr and Hospital For YOU

Are you pregnant and wondering which doctor and hospital to have your baby with?

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Is it really possible to think yourself through a pain-free birth? Mum-to-be Charlotte Van den Broucque investigates HypnoBirthing

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Experiencing a difficult delivery isn’t something that can be swept under the carpet. 

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HypnoBirthing® – What Exactly Is It Mamas?!

HypnoBirthing®, The Mongan Method is a tried and proven method that guides and prepares women to enjoy a satisfying, 

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ToddlerCalm – Parenting Tactics That Actually Work Mamas!

Mamas, ever feel like there’s just a little too much yelling going on in the house for your liking...

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Hypnobirthing expert Jasmine Collin shares her insight on how to prep for a positive birthing experience

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hypnobirthing

You may have heard of hypnobirthing due to its increasing popularity with expectant celebrities.

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After a difficult first birth, Hayley Bukhamsin, 34, was determined to have the hypnobirthing experience she’d always dreamed of... 


Hypnobirthing, not just for hippies

“What the hell is hypnobirthing?” was my initial reaction when Lauren suggested we do a five week hypnobirthing antenatal class...


"We Gave Birth While Hypnotised, and Kate Middleton Should Too!"

Celebs including Jessica Alba and Demi Moore are said to have used it, and even the Duchess of Cambridge

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That Mama: Jasmine Collin

This month’s That Mama is Jasmine Collin, child development extraordinaire and one of the leading..

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