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Free Relaxation Mp3

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This track will help you in so many ways!

Jasmine xxx

Enjoy Pregnancy

Spending time in deep relaxation during pregnancy helps you to:

  • Rest and recover from the added physical strain of being pregnant.

  • Feel more energized and happier in your body.

  • It will also help you sleep better at night too - bonus!



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Easier Birth 

The more relaxed you are in labour the easier your birth will be.

It's called the fear-tension-pain cycle and its what slows down birth and makes it more painful.


PLUS - The more relaxed you are in pregnancy and labour the more relaxed your baby is.

They get to experience all the lovely feels too which helps to make them calmer both in and out of the womb - double bonus! 

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Restful Postpartum

You can also use this track to cat nap efficiently in between all those frequent feeds and because baby has been listening to it in the womb they are conditioned to relax when they hear it, so you can use it as a baby calming tool - even more bonuses!!!

It really is the gift that keeps on giving and I'm giving it to you, for free, right now!
I hope you enjoy it and do let me know how you get on!

If you want to know how I can support you to have a positive birth then I would love to hear from you.
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