About Jasmine


Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling

HypnoBirthing Practitioner

BabyCalm & ToddlerCalm Teacher

Doula (Trained with DONA)

NLP Practitioner & Coach

BSC Honours in Biology



I’m originally from the UK and have loved living in the UAE since 2007. I’m a certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, specialising in fertility, hypnobirthing and parenting education. I offer group classes and private sessions that can help guide you on your unique parenting path. 

I'm also a proud mama of two children, Amber and Indiana who were both born using the hypnobirthing techniques that I teach and parented with the parenting approach that I believe in,  so I have first hand knowledge and experience of everything that I share. 

I also have experience working as a doula and I’m the co founder of Love Parenting UAE with Amy Vogelaar and together we help support and guide parents through our workshops and classes.


I feel very blessed to work with Amy and I am privileged to be working closely with a number of other birthing and parenting experts here in Dubai. You can read more about my other collaborations and project partners here.


It’s an absolute honour working with such wonderful and talented people to support parents as they explore their parenting choices and encouraging them to trust in their own innate wisdom to birth, nurture and parent their children calmly, confidently and consciously. 

My Story
My Passion


At the heart of my mission is my passion to help everyone reach their fullest potential as a human being and to grow into their most authentic selves.


Through a conscious approach to pregnancy, calm birthing and gentle parenting you can help keep your children’s spirit intact and to allow them to blossom into their authentic selves, to be the person that they were born to be.


Pregnancy, birthing and parenting is also a ripe opportunity and time to be healing yourself from past experiences, releasing blocks and reprogramming your mind with positive and empowering beliefs to become the authentic YOU that you were born to be.


I would love to hear from you if you are open minded and ready to harness the positive and creative power of your mind to help you conceive, birth and parent your children with love and awareness.


Even if you are not a parent and you would like to learn more about being the best YOU that you can be, please feel free to get in touch. 


With love 


Mobile: +971 50 132 3669


Hypnobirthing Specialist

Childbirth Educator

Co Founder of Love Parenting UAE

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