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Letter from a thankful daddy

Hi Jasmin, hope you’re well.

It’s Mark, Sonia’s husband and now Mila’s daddy!

I just wanted to drop you a message to to give you a little insight into how our birth went on the 26th.

As someone who was dubious regarding the whole Hypno concept when told about it by my (hippy) wife, I honestly cannot believe how much your class changed my perception on the birth process and what a positive impact it has had on our daughter.

We really bought into the principles before the labor, however I must admit that I was expecting the possibility that Sonia could be slightly overcome with the actual event and have to consider some form of help by way of pain relief. I could not have been more wrong!

Sonia had spent lots of time on our birth plan which I had presented to the staff on arrival at Parkview and we were fortunate to be the very 1st water birth in their new pool.

The staff were all incredible, I cannot recommend them and the facility highly enough, they were all so accommodating to the birth plan and we were pretty much left alone.

We were in the new water birth suite and had arranged it all exactly as Sonia wished, nice and dimly lit, artificial candles, star light and music playing.

Although clearly in some discomfort, Sonia managed the surges through her breathing and the exercises we learnt in class, I was being as supportive as possible ensuring she was comfortable and had everything she needed as well as liaising with the staff (certain my massage was a big help too).

Here is a video I took at the time of her in her 'higher state' in the pool about an hour before birth. I had to film as she had been in some discomfort, but then suddenly just through breathing seemed to be in another place, so relaxed and so calm......

What was interesting is that all the stages you mentioned occurred right to the point of wanting to quit at the final stage... . However, after a fairly relaxed 12hr labor little Mila arrived in the water with no pain relief for mummy, no interventions, a completely natural birth.

There are no words that can express exactly what I felt at that moment, I was overjoyed with Mila and beyond proud of my incredible wife for the way she handled everything.

And it’s here that I really wanted to thank you as I know your wonderful classes helped us to achieve all of this with the reward that our beautiful daughter is so calm, relaxed, responsive, feeding straight away from the breast and an absolute joy, which I am 100% convinced is due to the natural way she was brought into the world!

Thank you again so much xxx

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