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Sofia's Birth Story

On July the 17th 2020 our little Sofia arrived into this world, after 24 hours of pre-labor and 13 hours of labor. She was 3.470 kg and 54 cm tall. Lots of dark hair, long legs, and a very, very hungry stomach!! She came exactly at 41 weeks, like her mom!

We managed to achieve the birth of our dreams, and Hypnobirth, totally natural and physiological, with zero medical interventions, zero drugs or examinations, not even a single vaginal exam, or IV drip, analgesia or gas, NOTHING, only a lot of willpower, effort, strength, focus and dad’s support.

I’ve started feeling contractions 2 days earlier, on July the 15th at 6 pm but they weren’t regular, so I tried to ignore them as much as possible: my husband and I watched movies, ate dinner, practice some relaxation, did breathing exercises, I bounced a bit on the yoga ball and later went to sleep.

I slept through the night very well, but I was conscious I was feeling some “period cramps” here and there.

The day after, after exactly 24 hours, at 6 pm, I lost the mucous plug and my labor started spontaneously with the membrane release and progressed at a good and consistent pace.

I didn’t panic at all, I checked the waters which were clear and didn’t smell so I was totally relaxed and chill, and I just kept dealing with my contractions and relaxation, only this time we moved to our bed since I didn’t want to lose too much of the liquid.

Maurizio was bringing me fluids to drink and some snacks to make sure I had the energy to go through the night.

We stayed at home listening to music, cuddling, and kissing, I was naked and wrapped in a towel since I was going in and out of the hot shower every hour.

My “labor playlist” was playing through the speaker in the room, Maurizio “spooning” me from the back whispering at my ears that he loved me... that I was great, that he was proud of me, that I was beautiful.

It was a lovely, romantic, natural, slightly sexual situation.

No panic, no anxiety, no fear, no drama... only love, excitement to meet the baby, mind control, relaxation, awareness of my body, empowerment.

I was keeping track of the contractions with the help of an app on my phone, and

we went on till the contractions were 3 minutes apart and lasted for 1 minute for at least one hour.

At some point I just FELT it was time to go to the hospital, I wasn’t able to stand anymore, I was progressively collapsing on the floor. I was making weird sounds and at every contraction, I was screaming like an animal... something I just couldn’t control anymore.

I told to Maurizio my husband to please go bring the bags in the car and to come back to escort me.

We went to the hospital at 2.30 am, and Maurizio presented our birth plan to the midwives, explaining to them our preferences (no internal exams, no pain relief, etc), so they just performed a first 30 mins monitoring to make sure the baby was fine, then they let me alone in my room with my husband, with dim lights and my music.

I was free to walk, drink, eat, stay in the shower. Actually, I spent most of my labor in the hot shower and it felt amazing, it really did magic helping me a lot in coping with the pain. Every 20-30 mins the midwife was checking the baby's heartbeat with a wireless Doppler, so I could stay in the water.

At some point when I was in the shower, I felt this crazy transition: I immediately passed from being high and on another planet and making weird animal sounds, to be perfectly alert and feeling my body prevail and taking control, I felt this super powerful urge to push and I could feel the baby coming down.

I transferred to the bed, and I naturally wanted to kneel down and rest my arms on the back of the bed. After 30 minutes and 5 pushes the baby was out, at 7.20 am. After 5 hours we arrived at the hospital.

The midwife passed me Sofia with the cord still intact. I hugged her and kissed her, she had the most amazing smell. I loved her since that very first moment with all my heart.

I turned around to lay down and I placed her on my chest.

We waited 6 minutes before clamping the cord, the baby was a beautiful healthy pink color and super alert. She climbed my chest and reached the breast by herself after 2 minutes and latched immediately.

The placenta came out spontaneously after the other 10 minutes, thanks to the high oxytocin levels in my blood.

The doctor came only at that point to check if I needed any stitches, she gave me just a few on the internal side for a minimal tear (only because Sofia came out with a hand on the head).

It was definitely the most wonderful, powerful, magical day of my life, definitely challenging and hard, but I felt so empowered and in control,

I felt all the sensations in my body that gave birth to my daughter, all the power of the human body and nature, it was unbelievable, almost a mystical and extra-corporal experience.

I was never scared because I knew exactly everything that was happening within my body and my mind just surrendered to it.

My husband was there all the time and extremely helpful, with all his encouragement and his help with my breathing. He was advocating for me when I was “in my zone” since he knew exactly what I wanted.

The struggle and physical exhaustion I felt during labor were definitely worth it for the high it gave after Sofia was born.

The ultimate gift after everything I gave of myself till that moment.

A moment I will always remember.

The greatest achievement of my life. And having accomplished this together with my husband on my side gave us such a bond that day that will stay with us forever.

I wanted to share my experience in detail because it wouldn’t have been the same without Jasmine Collin and her love birthing course.

Without this course, I’m sure it would have been just a usual birth story filled with drama. I would have felt powerless and scared, I would probably have been induced, and who knows what else. Maurizio would have been completely cut out of the scene, not knowing what to do.

I have to say, achieving this wasn’t easy, we also had to make difficult decisions, I changed my doctor at 39 weeks of pregnancy!

Also, I was very good and strict during my pregnancy, eating healthily and exercising daily until the day before delivering, I wanted to ensure the best health for the baby and stay away from pregnancy complications.

For any mom out there willing to achieve such a positive and empowering childbirth like ours, please sign up for the course, I cannot recommend it more.

It will give you all the knowledge, the empowerment, and the tips you will need to be in charge of the birth of your child, whatever path it will take.

I was so scared of giving birth, it was really one of my biggest fears! And yet I had the most beautiful experience I could ever imagine! It was totally a-traumatic for the baby and myself, something to remember with joy and a feeling of empowerment rather than fear, loss of power, horror, and trauma like the stories I used to hear from my friends.

It was the best investment I could make for my pregnancy and I’m so enthusiastic about it that I keep recommending it to every pregnant woman I see.

Thank you for everything Jasmine. ️️

Martina Carisma x


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