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7 Great Reasons To Do Hypnobirthing Classes That Have Nothing To Do With Birth

There are lots of ways that Hypnobirthing can help couples have a better birth and more and more parents all over the world are choosing Hypnobirthing as their preferred childbirth preparation method.

Celebrity fans of Hypnobirthing include: Jesssica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Gisele, Ricki Lake and even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is reported to have prepared for the delivery of Prince George using Hypnobirthing.

In parts of the UK, the NHS are even providing Hypnobirthing classes as part of their antenatal program. Why?

Because mums who prepare for birth using Hypnobirthing techniques tend to have shorter births with less need for interventions and pain relieving drugs and they also tend to recover more quickly and easily.

Even if their births take a more medical path they still feel in control and calm and describe their births as a positive experience. But for lots of couples the benefits extend way beyond the delivery room.

In my seven years of teaching I’ve received dozens of stories from mums and dads telling me how useful they found the skills and information they learnt on the classes after the birth and in their every day lives. From Dad’s who have used the techniques in difficult work situations and preparing for presentations to a mum who finally passed her driving test after eight attempts!

Hypnobirthing is a set of life skills that all expecting parents can benefit from.

So here they are :

7 Great Reasons To Do Hypnobirthing Classes That Have Nothing To Do With Birth - as told to me by my Hypnobirthing couples.

1. “I learnt how to relax quickly and easily in any situation” -David

“My job is really stressful and it usually takes me ages to ‘decompress’ after a day at work. Now I just use some calm breathing and the instant relaxation technique and I find myself calming down right away. I still like to listen to the relaxing music when I get home from work and I sleep so much better than before.”

2. “It helped us connect and strengthened our relationship” – Anna

“Spending time together during the classes and practicing at home together really helped us to explore our feelings and ideas about what having a baby was all about. It really helped us to know how the other was feeling and to share our hopes and fears. During the birth the midwives commented on what a great team we were and that is something that has stood us in good stead now that the baby is here.”

3 “It helped me recognise my negative self talk and to be more mindful of my thoughts” - Christina

“Before doing Jasmine’s classes it never occurred to me that my thoughts had so much affect on my experience and that I could change my thoughts into more positive ones. It was hard at first, but day by day I felt more and more confident about my ability to birth my baby. It was so empowering to know that I can use this in all aspects of my life and not just for birth.”

4. “I learnt to respect and love my body and look after it better” - Mona

“Before I got pregnant I used to hate my body, I didn't look after myself and I was very self critical. Jasmine helped me to embrace the changes going on in my body and to start giving it the love and nourishment that it deserved. I still continue to eat better and exercise more since my Hypnobirthing classes and I’m much more self confident in my body”

5. “It helped me to bond with my baby and helped me overcome Post Natal Depression” – Sarah

“I had a pretty awful experience with my first birth, struggled to bond with my baby and suffered from PND. So when I got pregnant for the second time I was very anxious that it would happen again. Hypnobirthing not only helped me have a better birth it helped me to get over my first experience. The pre natal bonding and parenting exercises were absolutely key in helping me to connect with my daughter long before she was born. I was so worried that I wouldn’t feel anything when I saw her but instead I felt empowered and overwhelmed with love.”

6. “It helped make our baby more relaxed” - Samir

“Before doing Hypnobirthing classes I thought that it didn’t really matter how a baby is born as long as mum and baby are healthy. To be honest I was a bit of a skeptic about the whole ‘hypno’ – thing. But what I took away from the classes most was how pregnancy and birth affects babies. All that time in the womb they are picking up messages about the world outside and if mum is stressed they feel that too. I think one of the biggest benefits of doing Hypnobirthing was the regular relaxation and bonding sessions that we did during the pregnancy. I really believe that our baby boy is such a relaxed and happy baby for it. When I speak to other fathers they are complaining about endless crying, colic and all sorts but we don’t have any of that”

7 “It helped me finally pass my driving test after 8 attempts!” – Sharon

I’m so happy I passed! I used all the same techniques I used to birth my baby and they worked! I used affirmations, visualizations, relaxation and breathing techniques and I did it! These tools are great for so many things – the ultimate life skills that everyone can benefit from!”

Have you found any other benefits to doing Hypnobirthing Classes?

If so, I would love to hear about them......

Jasmine x

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