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Hypno Fertility

Research and Studies show how hypnosis can help fertility
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How can hypnosis help fertility?


Whether you have just started out or you’ve wanted to get pregnant for some time, hypnotherapy can help. Infertility is actually a lot more common than you think.

1 in 6 couples will experience difficulty in getting pregnant and 25% who seek medical help will have unexplained infertility. This means that there is nothing medically wrong with them, but they are still not getting pregnant. Why is this?


Life style, nutrition and environmental toxins play an important role and you need to address these to optimise your body’s natural ability to conceive but have you thought about how your mind is affecting your chances of getting pregnant?


One of the main causes of infertility is stress. Everyday stresses of work, careers, finances, and relationships all take their toll on our bodies and minds and affect the release of our baby making hormones. On top of that it’s common for women to go past their best years for having a baby and then they worry or feel guilty about whether they have left it too late.


You may believe that you can’t conceive or you may have other hidden limiting thoughts or beliefs that you aren’t even aware of. Consciously you might really want a baby but subconsciously there might be some old underlying blocks that are stopping you. These negative patterns and thoughts can create a hostile environment, which makes it harder for you to get pregnant.


When women struggle with infertility they can get even more stressed are then suffer with depression which all lead to more problems and the cycle continues on and on.


How exactly can I help you?


Hypnosis for fertility works with the subconscious mind and makes it easier to conceive naturally by relieving stress and reprogramming your mind with positive beliefs and thoughts about your natural ability to conceive.


It can also be used very effectively to assist IVF and other reproductive technology. For example, studies have shown that hypnosis can double the chances of IVF being successful by creating a more hospitable environment for the embryo.

Whatever path you are on I am here to help you stay optimistic and positive throughout your fertility journey.

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