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The Empowered Parenting Program

Are you ready to ditch the chaos, struggle, guilt and niggling self doubt?

Do you want to enjoy parenting more?

Do you want to feel 100% confident that you are raising your children to be happy, well rounded, emotionally intelligent and resilient?
If yes then the Empowered Parenting Program is for you!...
This program is for parents of toddlers (aged 1-6 yrs) who are committed to
transforming their parenting journey….
From frustration, confusion and overwhelm….into calmness, clarity and confidence.
Watch the Video Below to Find out More...

Connect deeply with your child and parent more consciously.

Be able to calmly navigate toddlerhood with gentle AND effective parenting strategies.

Find the balance and ‘sweet spot’ between authoritarian and permissive parenting.

Enjoy calmer and more peaceful mealtimes and bedtimes.

Feel informed & empowered in your parenting decisions, despite what your friends and family do or say.

Build rock solid foundations and for an emotional healthy family.

Enjoy your parenting journey and have more freedom and joy in your family life.

Be on the same page as your partner and create a powerful parenting partnership.
You are in the right place if you want to...
Thank you Jasmine

“This course left us feeling more empowered as parents. We are now able to understand and manage our children better with less struggles and frustration. I’m delighted to say that it has honestly transformed our approach to parenting and our toddler’s behavior for the better”.




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A 16 Week Online Group Coaching Program that includes....

The Empowered Parenting Program

For parents who want to ditch the chaos and confusion and parent with
more calm, connection and unshakable confidence.


Life Time Access to  Trainings & Resources


Weekly Group Coaching Calls

A Supportive Hug

Private FB

Community Support


Expert Guest



Frameworks, Scripts

Action Plans etc


Meditation &

Mindfulness Tracks

The Empowered Parenting Program.png

Bi -Weekly

Kundilini Yoga


One to One Support

About Jasmine 

Jasmine is a birth and parenting educator and coach who loves to help parents have positive and empowering birth and parenting experiences. 

She believes that we can change the world for the better by being more mindful and conscious of how these experiences affect and shape our children. 

To her there is nothing more important than how we birth and raise our children and she has dedicated the past 15 years of her life to helping parents to do this with more calm, connection and confidence so they can love birthing and parenting their children.

If you want to learn more or work with Jasmine...

You can book a FREE Clarity Call with her using the link below...she loves to hear from parents who want to experience more calm and joy in their family life.

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Wherever you are in your parenting journeyI am here to help you enjoy the ride!
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