Taylor's Birth - A calm & positive tale of thrombocytopenia, induction, low fluid and more...

May 6, 2019


I wanted to thank you and share what an amazing experience I had with the birth of our son Taylor. 


Despite some initial complications, as below you may recall I had a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia). So it went like this:


Like my birth with Elissa,  I had low amniotic fluid, so at 41 +1 I was induced with a pessary. Prior to this I had received steroid injections to manage my platelet count. 


I had the pessary at 3:30pm and started mild contractions a few hours later. I also had strep B so had to have antibiotics administered and required continued monitoring because Taylor’s heart beat was dropping with each contraction.


I was also informed that it would be likely I would need an emergency C-Section. However they put me on an IV for a short time and his heart beat settled.  (Taylor may have been trapped by the cord because of low fluids so the IV helped this). However I had to remain on the monitor throughout to be sure.


This was a low point for me, I had planned to use the pool and most importantly the shower with the ball. This worked really well for me with Elissa. (At the point I was about to break with her I got in the shower and quickly progressed)


So not having this as an option panicked me. I started to believe that I would have to use pain relief, I was mentally struggling with this curve ball.


At 8pm we ate burgers and chips, watched TV and my contractions became stronger and regular and I knew he wouldn’t be long and by 9pm I was in active labour.

I used the ball, whilst Ollie used pressure on my back with light massage.


The affirmations helped me massively again and with every surge I repeated my baby was coming closer.


I had disengaged from the monitor and this didn’t hinder me. 
With the pressure I needed to poo so I stayed in the bathroom in the dark alone, focused and breathing. I returned to the ball and monitor but quickly needed to poo again. The toilet was a massive help and very quickly the midwife pulled me back to the bed to be checked and monitored.


I was fully dilated and Taylor was on his way. I knew then we were going to get through this together without any other help.  


I remembered about being on my side and your tip about using the peanut ball. This was a huge help. It was comfortable and the surges felt controlled and manageable. My midwife (Kat) was exceptional and she coached me through too and Taylor was born at 11:24 pm. 


As shared previously, because of the low platelets and potential haemorrhage I was given sintocin injection to deliver the placenta.


Taylor was still on my boob and suckling nicely. He remained there for an hour and a half and pretty much since :-)). So no need to fear about the last interventions for me.


Dr Andrea was right to insist on such controls at the last stage and this made for a calm, peaceful end to Taylor’s journey.  My platelets post partum have returned to normal. 


Anyway, I just wanted to say thank-you again and share my experience of thrombocytopenia. 


I’m so thank-full I have had 2 amazing birthing experiences. Even when things weren’t going our way I was able use other tools and rethink our plan. 


Take care.


Becky, Ollie, Elissa and Taylor 


























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Taylor's Birth - A calm & positive tale of thrombocytopenia, induction, low fluid and more...

May 6, 2019

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