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How Can I Help?

I run group classes and private one to one sessions tailor made to suit your needs and circumstances.


Classes involve parenting skills and strategies with a strong emphasis on self-care and techniques for managing stress and then keeping your stress levels low so that you can parent from a place where you feel calm and grounded.

You will learn breathing, affirmations, visualisation, 

self hypnosis, mindfullness and many more tools to add to your own unique tool box of techniques, skills and understanding.

If you have past issues from your own childhood that need resolving we can address these in the one to one sessions and you can learn how to parent your own inner child as well as your own children. 

Wherever you are on your parenting path I'm here to help you to be the calm, confident and conscious parent that you want to be.

How can you be a more calm, confident and conscious parent?

Over the years as a BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm teacher I have helped many parents come to understand their children better and to develop their skills so that they can parent more gently and effectively.


But even with good intentions, strategies and skills some parents still struggle sometimes to keep their cool during those more challenging parenting moments when all their buttons are being pressed.

This is often because we are tired and running on empty ourselves but also subconsciously we may be bringing a lot of our own past into our parenting. Our parenting instincts often come from how we were parented and when we are ‘triggered’ by our children, we can find ourselves loosing control and falling back on the style of parenting that we received.


If you've ever made a conscious decision to parent calmly and gently but then found yourself out of control and reverting back to screaming, yelling or worse, then I can help. 

"Thank you Jasmine"

"You have helped me to find a way to deal with daily stress and taught me to be myself. You showed so much compassion and support. I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with our sessions and all the techniques you have taught me.


They have helped a lot to reduce my stress level to minimum and now I can respond calmly to different situations especially with my children. They have all noticed that I am calmer and not shouting so much.


We are so much happier as a family!"

- Mary, Dubai

Mobile: +971 50 132 3669


Hypnobirthing Specialist

Childbirth Educator

Co Founder of Love Parenting UAE

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